Black Friday Sale @ Mattie Rae’s textures.

In May 2020, I started as a content writer for Havendale Village’s website in May 2020. Havendale Village is a magical nature/fantasy-themed Second Life sim with games, hangouts, scenery, and shopping. It’s also the base for Chimiya – an established home and garden store in Second Life. We love to support our longstanding store owners via blog posts and special announcements so stay tuned!

Mattie Rae’s is one of our feature texture stores for builders and creators
We’ve just been informed she is holding a 50% sale on all items until the end of the year!!!
Mattie Rae’s Textures shop

The Designer

Establishing her brand in 2010, Mattie Rae (mattie.rae) is the creative brain behind some of SL’s most beautiful fine handcrafted textures. Focusing on mainly fabrics, each texture starts off as a “blank canvas” with Mattie “adding elements” to achieve her overall pattern. We feel very fortunate to have this artisan texture maker girl based at our sim!

Mattie’s favourite set: Fiona One (below)

“because it combines floral/organic textures with geometrics – I like the interplay of the two and the colours just make me happy 🙂 “

Just in time for the festive season, grab some of Mattie Rae’s themed holiday textures in-store and on sale now.

Or you may like a cute and warm vibe….also in store and on sale.

When using her textures, please be sure to credit her wonderful work!

Custom Work

As always, Mattie is open to custom work requests and the best way to contact her is inworld via notecard. Join her in-world group for gifts, 10% store credit on all -in world purchases and more!

To view and participate in the sale, visit the store in Havendale Village .
Keep up to date by following the designer’s Flickr page!

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